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3 Benefits to Replacing a Home’s Air Filter

When seasons change, it is a good time to replace a home’s air filter to maximum health and cost benefits. While it may seem like just one more home maintenance job to take care of, replacing an air filter can serve to make an environment more pleasant to live in while also saving homeowners money. A home’s air filter is designed to clean the air circulating through the cooling and heating system. Filters work to trap contaminates and allergens like

Duct Sealing Can Save You Money

Often forgotten on the extensive list of home maintenance, duct sealing can provide improved efficiency in the heating and cooling of your Las Vegas home. According to research conducted by Energy Star, 20 to 30 percent of the air moving through your ductwork is lost through holes, leaks, and poorly connected ducts. Lost air resulting from poor duct sealing not only diminishes the efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling system, but will also increase the amount you pay on

When you are evaluating an upgrade for your air conditioning system, you may find that the replacement and installations costs are not in your budget.  In these cases, we are happy to offer a compromise that will ensure you beat the Las Vegas heat all year while saving a significant amount of money by not installing an upgraded central air unit.  Although there are some drawbacks to the mini-split air conditioner, it has a place in any room of a

Surviving the Las Vegas heat also means being able to afford paying the air conditioning bill — and Ideal Service is happy to help meet this goal in more ways than one.  In addition to providing maintenance, repair, and installation services for air conditioning units, we also help our customers save money on utility bills.  The solution is simple, and it all begins with having your air conditioner inspected and tuned-up by a professional.  To get a better idea of