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Some Things to Ask Your Air Conditioner Company Prior to AC Installation

Your Air Conditioner is on the fritz. It has been making horrible noises, and you need a new air conditioner. When you purchase your new Air Conditioner Unit, you expect it to perform new-installationbetter and more efficiently than the one it is replacing. Did you know that over half of the new air conditioner units are not properly installed, and as a result do not perform as efficiently as they should? Improper installation reduces performance by as much as 30%. This affects your electric bill, possible dust problems due to bad duct work, and improper air distribution.

Make sure your AC contractor follows the proper Energy Star Installation Guidelines. Here are some questions to ask your air conditioner technician to make sure your new AC unit is properly installed:

  • Will you calculate the correct size of my new AC unit based on the square footage of my home?
  • Will you look at my existing ductwork to determine the correct and/or maximum system size?
  • Will you install new lines for refrigerant instead of reusing the existing lines?
  • Will you install/configure a programmable thermostat for my new system?
  • Will you test for duct leakage?
  • Will you show me how to care for my new system?

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Ideal Services are certified Trane Comfort Specialists- meaning we go through extra training and certification to make sure we install only the best air conditioner systems for your home and follow energy star guidelines. If your air conditioner unit is old and you suspect that it may need replaced. Call the comfort specialists at Ideal Services. (702) 396-5225. Our trained comfort specialists will come out to your home to determine if your existing system can be salvaged, or if you need a new system. Always a free estimate- always an iron clad guarantee.

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