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Installing a Mini-Split Air Conditioning System

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When you are evaluating an upgrade for your air conditioning system, you may find that the replacement and installations costs are not in your budget.  In these cases, we are happy to offer a compromise that will ensure you beat the Las Vegas heat all year while saving a significant amount of money by not installing an upgraded central air unit.  Although there are some drawbacks to the mini-split air conditioner, it has a place in any room of a home or office.


Why cooling a single room can cost so much money

One of the unfortunate aspects of cooling a single room that always seems to be too hot is installing duct work.  Although there are many cases where installing duct work to a central air conditioning system is relatively low-cost (especially if it is in the floor or ceiling), in other scenarios re-plastering and repainting the walls is a significant cost.  Instead of tearing through walls and doing additional remodeling, a cost-effective solution is to install a mini-split air conditioning unit in a window.


Unique reasons that mini-split AC units are the only solution

It is often not the case, but there are a few areas of homes and offices that are impossible to cool without a mini-split air conditioning unit.  For instance, bathrooms and pantries may not have the available wall space to allow for duct work and central air to be installed.  Other unique reasons that a mini-split AC works best is because the building is extremely old or contains antique architecture that remodeling will disturb.


Ensuring safety in multiple ways

One of the key concerns for business owners and homeowners is dealing with security issues related to a mini-split AC installation.  Since a mini-split will need to be installed in a wall, property owners can feel insecure about leaving the unit unattended.  To prevent theft, security cages can be installed that will prevent the unit or building from being compromised.  The mini-splits that are installed in windows can have security measures put in place that mean it cannot be opened from the outside.  Other ways safety is ensured is by having professionals install the unit so it does not shift or fall out of the window on top of occupants.


One major reason to have pros install your mini-split AC

Although it only happens in rare instances, having your mini-split AC unit installed by pros can help save lives.  Fire safety is protected by making sure the electrical system of the building is prepared to deal with starting and running an AC unit.  Otherwise, when you turn on the unit, it can (in rare instances) release a spark or arc that results in a fire.


Let us help you install a mini-split AC!

Now that you know the pros and cons of installing a mini-split AC unit, the next step is to call us.  Even if you already have made the decision and have purchased a mini-split AC, we can help you install it so that it meets safety requirements.  To get started, give Ideal Services a call today!  We look forward to hearing from you, and we thank you for choosing us for your air conditioning services.

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