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Leak Detection Service In Las Vegas

Ideal Service provide Leak Detection service for Las Vegas residents and businesses. A leak in your home can cause major damages if they are not fix properly. Ideal Services will inspect your home with state of the art leak detection equipment to pinpoint the leak even if it’s underneath the slab or inside the wall. With the right camera equipment and electronic pipeline locators, leaks can be located and repaired with minimal impact and disruption to your home.

What To Do If You Have a Leak?

Leak Detection
If have a leak the best possible thing you can do is locate the value to turn off your water. If you suspect that you may indeed have a slab leak then contact Ideal Service and we will send out a licensed plumbers to diagnose the issue. Once the leak has been located, our technician will provide you options for the right set of repairs you need to fix the leak for good.

24/7 Leak Detection Service

We understand that leaks do not always happen during normal business hours. If you have a leak that is causing damage to your home or business call Ideal Service immediately. We will provide you with a free estimate and accurate diagnosis, fix the leak properly and give you a written guarantee on the repairs. Call us at (702) 396-5225.

24/7 Leak Detection Service

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